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Hey! Want to get really stoked about riding the waves of Florida? There are 1,350 miles of coastline to explore around Florida, the surfing mecca of the East Coast. Around 40 percent of the East Coast surfing population is here…from the responsive-to-swells Jacksonville Pier to the waves produced by cruise ships setting sail from Miami Beach…from the incoming tides at Perdido Key’s Bungalows to the ample swells of North Jetty at Casey Key.

Pure white-sand beaches and palm trees responding to the winds greet the surfers here every day, touching the emerald and turquoise waters, 78 degrees Fahrenheit from May to September around the state. Each Florida region is diverse geographically and home to unique surfer personalities. With a substantial blend of professional and amateur wins, Florida surfing has a massive, active fan base of those attracted to the sport. Florida encompasses a vast industry dedicated to surfing, with a plethora of surf shops and surf equipment available around the state. FloridaSurfing.com is your guide to surfing, all Florida style.

Find the Florida surfing facts you need on FloridaSurfing.com. Keep up to date with the weather and webcams pages, while learning about the various regions and beaches and how they are especially suited for surfing. If you are looking for surfing equipment, consult our comprehensive listing of equipment sellers. Perhaps you would like to learn how to surf or brush up on the latest surfing techniques? Check out the descriptions of schools and instruction. The wakeboarding and skimboarding pages touch on related surfing-style water sports. Special events and contests list recurring surfing-oriented activities. Go back in time with the Florida surfing history page, or step into the music of today’s Florida surf bands. Experience it all online with FloridaSurfing.com

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